Delivering Key Messages to Your Audience

Every company has multiple stakeholders: customers, employees, investors and consumers. The messages you craft for these audiences require high impact to be most effective. And, every logistical detail must be tended to so the delivery comes off without a hitch. Collaborate with Tonic on your next corporate communications project.


  • Investor Relation Meetings
  • Employee Town Halls
  • Board Meetings


  • Advertising
  • Tradeshows & Exhibits
  • Customer Conferences

Public Relations

  • Press Conferences
  • Political Speeches
  • Charity Events


LED Wall, Concept to Show-Live

Brose is an international supplier to about 80 car brands and 30+ suppliers.  So, when they partnered with Tonic to represent its brand at a private event for the North American International Auto Show, it was show time.  The concept was to build a 20′ x 74′ structure, 12′ x 30′ of which was an LED wall.  The design used well over 100 lights and 2,500+ feet of truss.  The large, sleek display captured the attention of attendees, telling a compelling brand story.



Here are some examples of other corporate communications projects we’ve been involved with.  CONTACT US so we can get started on bringing your vision to reality, or, see more of what we’ve done in our BLOG.

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